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Paramount Strength Equipment

Paramount is part of the TRUE Fitness family... TRUE Fitness put the capstone on a significant expansion into the strengh category with the acquisition of Paramount Fitness. The TRUE acquisition of Paramount complements the TRUE Force strength products, and the TRUE Composite series . Paramount Fitness brands have been intregrated under the TRUE Fitness brand.


Paramount Selectorized Strength Equipment

Fitnessline Series



Fitnessline Series Strength Equipment

Paramount FS-70 Single Adjustable Cable Column - NEW!


Paramount Fuse XL Series - NEW!

Fuse XL Abdominal Fuse XL Biceps Curl
Fuse XL Chest Press Fuse XL Inner Outer Thigh
Fuse XL Lat Pulldown Fuse XL Leg Curl
Fuse XL Leg Extension Fuse XL Leg Press
Fuse XL Low Back Extension Fuse XL Pec Fly Rear Delt
Fuse XL Seated Row Fuse XL Shoulder Press
Fuse XL Triceps Pushdown Fuse XL Weight Assisted Chin Dip


Paramount Free Weight and Plate Loaded Strength Equipment

 XFW Free Weight/Plate Loaded Equipment 

XFW-8300 Dual Sided Half Rack - NEW!

XFW-6800 Smith Press - NEW!

XFW-7800 Plate Loaded Leg Press - NEW!


Paramount Multi-Gyms

 MP Series

Paramount Functional Training


XFT-100 Functional Trainer

The Zone Functional Training Solutions 


Paramount Benches and Racks

 Fitnessline Series

XFW Free Weight Benches and Racks

  Half Rack

To inquire about purchasing fitness equipment, please contact us by completing a request form under “Contact” above or call or email us at the contact information below.

We also offer leasing options on our exercise equipment to our commercial customers, for those that would prefer to make lease payments rather than purchasing new fitness equipment outright and up front.