Taking care of the equipment that takes care of you.


You work out hard and so does your fitness equipment. Tower Fitness Equipment Services can design a maintenance program to help keep your fitness equipment functioning at optimal levels.

Take your treadmill for example - over time dirt, perspiration and rubber from the bottom of your shoes makes its way underneath the surface between the running belt and the deck of a treadmill and creates a high friction situation as it gets trapped between these surfaces. This added friction causes the control and drive system to work extra hard, reducing the life of the treadmill by years. Attention to maintenance and proper lubrication can give a treadmill its designed service life of 7-10 years.

Don't be fooled if your fitness equipment appears to be working properly even without maintenance. You might be a svelte 150 lb. user but dirt and dust build-up and added friction has your treadmill working as hard as if a 350 lb. person is walking on it. This ends with the treadmill eventually shutting down or damaging a major component resulting in a costly repair.

Tower Fitness technicians love to repair broken fitness equipment but in truth with regular maintenance those emergency calls are cut to a minimum. Let us perform this maintenance service on any of your cardio or strength equipment. While we're there, Tower Fitness can show you simple steps you can take to keep your fitness equipment as fit as you have become. 

Would you prefer to carry out some of this fitness equipment maintenance on your own? Tower Fitness can advise you how to make lubing your treadmill easy. Doing this will do the following for your treadmill:

  • Minimize treadmill deck/belt friction
  • Minimize treadmill deck/belt noise
  • Minimize amp draw of drive system
  • Minimize major treadmill repair costs
  • Maximize overall life of treadmill