Taking care of the equipment that takes care of you.


 As any fitness facility owner knows, maintaining fitness equipment is important as there are a lot of moving parts that must work together. Through a regular fitness equipment maintenance program, Tower Fitness Equipment Services technicians will notice most issues before they break and stop small problems from becoming big problems. Our aim is to ensure your equipment is in safe working order.

The benefits of fitness equipment maintenance include:

  • Lowering costs by identifying issues before they become expensive fitness equipment repairs
  • Increased fitness equipment lifespan by preventing excessive wear
  • Minimized fitness equipment downtime by finding problems before they occur
  • Averting safety problems that could result in injury
  • Improved user satisfaction and return visits

Tower Fitness will tailor a maintenance schedule to suit your operation. Our experience enables us to chart usage patterns and assess wear to design a plan that optimizes your fitness equipment. Tower Fitness will work within your budget, putting the maintenance dollars where they are needed most.

Added benefits included in our maintenance packages: warranty parts for most major fitness equipment manufacturers; competitive rates on purchasing of consumable fitness equipment parts that wear; maintenance is performed by certified, trained fitness equipment technicians.

As part of our efforts to provide the best service possible, Tower Fitness has a QR maintenance program to suit the needs of any fitness facility. Tower Fitness offers our QR program at no extra cost to our regular fitness equipment maintenance customers. Our QR program is designed to enable fitness facility users to easily contact us about fitness equipment repair needs. The benefits of empowering users to contact Tower Fitness directly include:

  • Users know you care about the condition of your fitness facility
  • Your save the time and stress of trying to gather information
  • Tower Fitness receivea the best possible description of the problem to facilitate fitness equipment diagnosis and repair
  • Fitness equipment has minimum downtime
  • You save money when Tower Fitness can avoid a diagnostic call out.
  • With our QR program, rather than users contacting you about a fitness equipment problem and you trying to gather solutions, Tower Fitness contacts you and the resolution process is already started.

Contact Tower Fitness for a no-obligation inspection of current equipment and assessment of your needs. Tower Fitness takes into account your feedback on the history of what you have experienced at the fitness facility. Tower Fitness will address recurring issues based on that history and work on a plan to eliminate problems that can eat into your fitness facility's overall budget. Experienced Tower Fitness staff can provide a detailed list of what the managers and staff can expect for maintenance requirements within the budget year to minimize surprises.

Would you prefer to carry out some of this fitness equipment maintenance on your own? Tower Fitness can advise you how to make lubing your treadmill easy. Ensuring you maintain your treadmill by lubing the deck will do the following for you treadmill:

  • Minimize treadmill deck/belt friction
  • Minimize treadmill deck/belt noise
  • Minimize amp draw of drive system
  • Minimize major treadmill repair costs
  • Maximize overal life of treadmill